Our mission is to identify and engage with initiatives that will safeguard our planet and protect and enrich the life that exists on it.


As new trustees we began by focussing on the smaller area of gender norms in UK education (further background in our blog), initially driven by an interest in the LGBTI+ rights of children and young people and the desire to build trustee skills in an arguably smaller domain.

The core focus of the foundation however has now shifted to the climate crisis. 

The natural world is humankind's life support system.

Its loss is not just sad but disastrous.


Broadly our strategy is split between critical intervention points such as the protection of existing carbon sinks (which we feel have a shorter-term time horizon to address) and efforts that may bring about the broader change needed to protect our planet in the longer term.

We take into account the types of projects and organisations best suited to our size, likely to be smaller initiatives but with the ambition to achieve broader change.




  • To protect the planet and its climate, ensuring its sustainability for future generations.


  • We may seek to achieve our aim through such routes as conservation or facilitating positive changes in human behaviour. This could be more specifically achieved through funding climate justice, research, carbon sink protection, wildlife/biodiversity protection, movement building or other climate crisis mitigation initiatives.  We have been drawn to smaller projects that address multiple areas (e.g. the human rights of environmental defenders).


We also have a 'special interests' provision that allows for the potential to fund projects outside the above, however given these goals and the challenging economic environment, additional funding is likely to be limited.  


We believe that the above goals may also be achieved through our investments.