The Kreitman Foundation has made grants towards a broad range of charitable activities over the years.

We are now seeking out funders, fundraisers, researchers, experts and those on the ground to explore the Climate Crisis landscape and opportunities within.

Being a small foundation we will likely focus on smaller initiatives where our funding will likely have the greatest impact. Though we predominantly take a strategic approach to finding grantees, we would still like to hear from organisations that fit this description, asking that any initial introduction be kept as concise as possible (latest financials would also be helpful to see where possible). 

Should we then wish to explore in more depth we will progress dialogue looking more extensively at the work you are doing and/or proposing doing, what you hope to achieve, what measurements (general and specific) you expect will represent progress and what external factors/systems you think might interact with and potentially affect your outcomes and objectives. 

Where possible we will seek to give feedback on applications that are not successful.

We do not have a fixed rule on the duration of projects we support but like many funders, we are looking for projects that will make the greatest possible difference with the money we give.

Further information and the latest Trustee Report is accessible on the Charity Commission website via the link below. 


Our preferred method of communication, perhaps predictably, is non-paper! If you would like to get in touch, please email info@kreitmanfoundation.org.uk


Thank you

The Trustees